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Therefore, this paper proposes the concepts sustainable land use , forest resources management and Protection of Biodiversity as measures to climate change resulting rapid deforestation, desertification and land degradation in Nigeria. The results and conclusions of the paper submit that SLU, FRM and PBD can significantly reduce the effects of climate change. This can be achieved by investments in early warning systems, public awareness, and educational sensitization campaigns. The successful adoption and implementation of SLU, FRM and PBD practices can potentially stimulate long term socio-economic growth and sustainable development in Nigeria. Michigan’s legal marijuana market is poised to become one of the strongest in the country. We are proud to have provided Detroit’s first landmark cannabis business expo in 2018, followed by an even more successful 2019 event.

On Sunday 13 June, contact group Co-Chair Verleye reported that the group held its fifth and final meeting, considering resource mobilization, and that the CRP (CBD/SBI/3/CRP.15) contains a number of unresolved matters. She further drew attention to a Co-Chairs’ text, noting it has not been negotiated and does not represent consensus, but contains parties’ comments on important components to be included in the GBF. Chair Sörqvist said that the Co-Chairs’ text will be transmitted to the WG Co-Chairs. On Sunday, 30 May, contact group Co-Chair Karchava reported that the group met five times from May.

A guide to cannabis conferences, conventions, expositions, trade shows, and festivals. Revealing the most prestigious, entertaining, and beneficial events to attend this year. NECANN presents advanced concepts and high-quality goods from many sectors of the business.

The US is also home to some of the world’s best conservation researchers and tools, including those used for monitoring wildlife populations, Snape added. Retail and wholesale will receive advice on what items to stock, trade ticket holders will build on essential product knowledge and ensure that you are up to date with the latest industry advancements and trends. These two days offer unrivalled expert support and advice for all business 2 business. We do our best to update the list every month, as it seems like a new conference sprouts up as easily as the cannabis plant itself, so if you see an event you’re hosting is missing please reach out to and let us know.

Following discussion, Chair Sörqvist suggested, and delegates agreed, to bracket the entire CRP and invite the African Group as well as other interested parties to note their positions in the meeting’s report. The CRPs on communication, knowledge management and the Clearing-house Mechanism, and evaluation of the strategic framework for capacity building and development to support the effective implementation of the Nagoya Protocol will be addressed at the resumed in-person session. INDONESIA highlighted resource mobilization and biodiversity mainstreaming as key for building cbd seit wann legal ecosystem resilience during economic recovery from the pandemic. BRAZIL stressed that multilateral financial flows for biodiversity still represent a small fraction of global biodiversity finance, highlighting, with many, CBD Article 20 and, with ARGENTINA and ECUADOR, the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities. He noted that proposals for redirecting harmful subsidies will not necessarily reduce the need for additional resources and underscored that resources from access and benefit-sharing arrangements should be considered a complementary source.

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PureKana was 2020’s presenting sponsor and teamed up with MONTKUSH for the production of an unscripted television show focused on the hemp industry. As a pioneer in medical cannabis research, it’s not surprising that Israel hosts one of the world’s most acclaimed cannabis-focused conferences. The prestigious event takes place in Tel Aviv and is attended by startup CBD companies, medical experts, investors, and entrepreneurs,to name a few. This year marks the annual event’s fifth anniversary, so you can bet that it will be bigger and better than ever before. If you’re a business owner attending a CBD conference, you should know by now that a business without leads is destined to fail. Approximately 68% of marketers use conferences togenerate salesleads, according to AdStage.

Chemergy, EVA, and Novamera will be joining Halliburton Labs, the company announced last week. The three startups will receive technical support, access to Halliburton’s global connections, and more from the program. “We had some really strong and intentional meetings, and people were just engaged. And it just felt like I was busy from the time we started to the time we ended, there was such great energy. I just am proud to be a part of .” “CWCBE was over and above my expectations. The types of people who come are great. You have a diverse group of people who are waiting to get involved. There are also many curious people. At the end of the day, everyone here came because they see the possibilities the cannabis industry has to offer.”

So when he sent the treaty to the Senate for ratification in 1993, he included with it seven “understandings” that sought to dispel concerns related to IP and sovereignty. Essentially, they make it clear that, as party to the agreement, the US would not be forced to do anything, and it would retain sovereignty over its natural resources, Snape writes. Clinton also emphasized that the US already had strong environmental laws and wouldn’t need to create more of them to meet CBD’s goals. The award-winning show is held at Las Vegas Convention Center and showcases over 250,000 square feet of exhibits, 3-day conference, pre-show forums, and over 140 speakers plus extraordinary networking and partnership-building opportunities.

• Conservation of biological diversity as called for by the CBD is not possible under a global regime of private monopoly rights. Conservation of biological resources implies enormous responsibilities that TRIPS does not allocate to those who will benefit from ownership rights to these resources. The Preamble to the TRIPs Agreement defines intellectual property rights as being private rights. Because these rights how to start a cbd business are subject to the general WTO principle of national treatment, the implementation of TRIPs Article 27.3 on biodiversity will give global jurisdiction to private individual property rights. On the other hand, TRIPs is intended to provide private property rights over products and processes, be they biodiversity-based or not, in order to ensure that corporate interests are safeguarded equally world-wide.

The EU, MEXICO, SWITZERLAND, and AUSTRALIA emphasized the need to increase ownership of the GBF by all related processes. The EU and MEXICO suggested different agencies assume lead roles in specific parts of the framework. AUSTRALIA and CANADA highlighted the importance of enhancing cooperation, while respecting the mandates of relevant bodies and avoiding duplication of efforts. COLOMBIA urged integration of biodiversity considerations in all relevant agreements.

With its first day dedicated to industry professionals and its second to business consumers, this B2B event hosts experiences, volunteer opportunities, educational and entertaining interactive exhibits, and professional workshops. The renowned ‘let’s talk hemp’ crew will also be there, calling out for new speakers to join the trade floor for insightful speeches, discussions, and networking opportunities. These events are focused solely on CBD, allowing for businesses to promote and offer their CBD-related products to consumers and share their knowledge of all things CBD. There are 75+ exhibitors, 3,500 attendees, and an impressive lineup of speakers and panel discussions with experts from a wide variety of fields within the CBD industry. In addition, the CBD Industry Association provides educational certification courses on cannabinoids to physicians and nurses at all locations of the CBD Expo Tour.

If you’re a B2B or B2C company and interested to find more about packaging, distributors, cultivators, investors, branding, private label, white label, law, accounting and everything in-between our event is the only event to look at. Gain insight into the CBD industry through product demonstrations, educational seminars and keynote presentations from companies such as CBD edibles, CBD topicals, CBD lifestyle products, CBD beauty, CBD vape, CBD tincture CBD Cosmetics and everything in-between. Industries such as beauty care, nutraceuticals, medical, specialty beverage, functional food sector, cultivators, law, packaging firms, accounting, branding comment agit le cbd sur la douleur experts, private label, white label as well as pharmaceutical therapeutics exhibit at the show. You will find up to 100 international Suppliers and around 50 international professional speakers, all under one roof, delivering the education and guidance that you are looking for. There are many reasons to attend, above all around 100 Suppliers and over 50 high profile speakers, all under one roof. For instance expect to see industries such as beauty care, nutraceuticals, specialty beverage, functional food sector, cultivators, law, packaging firms, accounting, branding experts, private label, white label as well as pharmaceutical therapeutics.

The information in this document was compiled from the inputs of CBD and IPBES National Focal Points at workshops held in 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand and Kunming, China, and through a survey. On the 23rd of November 2021, the Sub-Global Assessment Network in collaboration with the NEA Initiative at UNEP-WCMC hosted an open webinar to launch the guidance ‘National Ecosystem Assessments to support implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity’. The HKH is home to a diversity of wildlife, including the royal Bengal tiger, Asian elephant, musk deer, snow leopard, Tibetan antelope, White-rumped vulture, and many other rare and critically endangered species. We’re keenly looking forward to the 15th meeting of the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity to be hosted virtually by our member country China in October and in person in Kunming during April-May 2022. ICIMOD will actively participate in CBD CoP15 virtually as well as face-to-face in Kunming, China. We are engaged in various activities in the lead-up to CBD CoP15, including the preparation of the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework.

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These were embodied in the “Forest Principles”2 and Chapter 11 of Agenda 21, which, respectively, articulated the overarching principles and an action plan for sustainable forest management. The “international arrangement on forests”, comprised of UNFF and the Collaborative Partnership on Forests , is recognized as a key mechanism to facilitate and coordinate the implementation of sustainable forest management at national, regional and global levels . The CBD WOMEN’S CAUCUS suggested a draft recommendation on the need to support and strengthen gender-responsive actions in implementation and mainstreaming of gender issues in biodiversity policy frameworks.

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Malawi, for the AFRICAN GROUP, said that the Nagoya Protocol functions as the prevailing regime in the absence of specialized ABS instruments that meet certain conditions, and cautioned against fragmentation of international ABS instruments. She noted with concern that negotiations to enhance the functioning of the Multilateral System of ABS under the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture collapsed over disagreements on digital sequence information . SOUTH AFRICA and ARGENTINA underscored the sovereign right of parties to recognize a specialized international ABS instrument, with SOUTH AFRICA adding it should be consistent with the CBD and Protocol’s objectives and address IPLC issues. SWITZERLAND proposed a party or group of parties could recognize specialized international ABS instruments. SOUTH AFRICA and MEXICO stressed there should be no hierarchy between the Protocol and any specialized international ABS instrument. The UK noted any indicative criteria should not jeopardize the efficiency of existing ABS mechanisms, in particular the Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Framework of the World Health Organization .

It would conduct text-based negotiations on the CRPs, but would defer adoption of final outcomes to a resumed session, to be held in person when the pandemic allows. Nevertheless, in view of prior experience with delegations requesting not to re-open discussions on “clean” text, the African Group wished to make sure it would have the opportunity to develop and present a coordinated position, and participate in full capacity in the negotiations. Other developing countries, particularly from Latin America, shared these concerns; the digital divide augmented the socio-economic divisions already deepened by where to buy delta 8 thc in texas the pandemic. BRAZIL stressed that the deliverables under consideration deviate from what was requested in the relevant COP decisions, and that the proposals, especially the action plan, contain a complex set of activities, many of which fall outside the Convention’s scope. Opposing the action plan, he suggested that a COP decision “take note of” the long-term approach. MEXICO called for clarifying and specifying action areas in the long-term approach, suggesting indicators on the engagement of subnational and local governments, as well as on the internalization of positive and negative externalities.

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The area of focus is mostly on how to secure funding in what may seem like a saturated market, understanding new developments within the industry, defining distribution channels, overcoming market barriers to entry, scaling up production for export, and dealing with supply chain issues. Participants can enjoy a networking luncheon and ‘Healthy Hempy Networking Happy Hour’, where they can gain one-on-one advice from around 21 leading hemp industry where to buy cbd oil in alabama professionals and advocates, attending the summit as speakers and panellists. From federal regulations, hemp advancement, and management plans, to the challenges facing farmers and businesses in certification, cultivation, and future market predictions, this summit’s one-day agenda is packed with information and educational insights. The Southern Hemp Expo is a sister-event of the NoCo Hemp Expo, produced by the same innovative creators .

At this time, nonprescription CBD products lack consistent oversight to ensure their purity and safety, or verify manufacturer claims. The CBD that you can buy over the counter is regulated more like herbal supplements than medications. This is because the FDA only enforces quality and safety standards if a safety issue arises once a product is on the market. Youth4nature is an entirely youth-led, youth-driven, independent, and global organization.

Decisions (III/17 and IV/9) at the Conferences of Parties to the CBD, and at other forums, to work towards the protection of indigenous and local community knowledge, if need be through alternative IPR regimes. The national reports represent a country’s self-assessment of their progress towards the Aichi Targets, while the interviews with a multi-stakeholder group provide a broader perspective of the challenges faced. As presented in Figure 1, these findings enable insights into the challenges of implementing, complying with, and enforcing the CBD. An alien species which becomes established in a natural or semi-natural ecosystem or habitat, is an agent of change, and threatens native biological diversity. By 2020, genetic diversity of cultivated plants, farm livestock, and their wild relatives, including other socio-economically as well as culturally valuable species, is maintained, and strategies have been developed and implemented for minimizing genetic erosion and safeguarding their genetic diversity. By 2020, values of biodiversity are integrated into national and state planning processes, development programmes and poverty alleviation strategies.

CannaCon, the most prominent B2B cannabis conference, gives the ideal chance to network with like-minded entrepreneurs, growers, distributors, equipment professionals, and more – gathering all of the information you where do i buy cbd oil need to launch your own cannabis business. Ohio’s cannabis industry is poised to become one of the most powerful in the country. The NCIA is now the biggest business-focused cannabis convention in the United States.

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This expo experience has over 200 exhibitors and vendors, as well as more than 75 expert speakers at its industry conference and farm symposium. Educating enterprises, this is a yearly gathering of the leading professionals, advocates, businesses, farmers, and manufacturers from the hemp and related industries, championing the enormous growth of this booming and budding industry in the south. High-Times Cannabis Cup is the most prominent and well-known cannabis festival in the world. This festival is actually a competition and an awards show – hosted by the famous cannabis aficionado magazine High Times.

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Mutual supportiveness, as foreseen in the preamble of the Protocol, excludes subordination of the Protocol to trade agreements. Rather, the Protocol and trade agreements should be read in a complementary way with a view to achieving sustainable development. The practical implications of mutual supportiveness between the Protocol and WTO agreements remain to be clarified. As envisaged in article 19, paragraph 3, of the Convention, the parties initiated consideration of a protocol on biosafety at the first COP meeting in 1994. The negotiations were exceptionally arduous because of the economic stakes involved and the scientific uncertainty related to the use of living modified organisms resulting from biotechnology .

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They will, no doubt, be surprised at the industry’s innovations as they view the more than 300 exhibits and enjoy ample opportunities to sample the wares on display. However, no THC cannabis products of any kind will be displayed, given away or sold. Allow the completion of a biosafety protocol that establishes minimum international standards for the environmental safety of releases of genetically modified organisms.

The rules set by UPOV hinge on genetic uniformity as a requirement for monopoly rights. They also exact payments from farmers – the source of biodiversity upon which breeding is based. These controversies are aggravated by the fact that many genetic ‘inventions’ claimed in the North derive from biological products and knowledge from the South. Patents are being granted on human genes and on techniques to alter the fate of human reproduction. The new commercial opportunities opened up through developments in biotechnology have resulted in engaging in a massive campaign to wrest market control over biodiversity through the patent system, as well as change the rules of that system in the process.

We also utilized other platforms and advocated for the conservation of mountain environments at the First Virtual Mountain Summit and Mountain Biodiversity Day. USA CBD Expo, the United States’ largest CBD / hemp expo, will open its doors in Las Vegas for the first time from Feb. 13 to 15, 2020, expanding its influence on the industry beyond its transformational inaugural event in Miami last year. The Valentine’s Day forum will take place in the nexus of neon and networking at the Las Vegas Convention Center, welcoming more than 500 brands and more than 40 expert presenters as well as the largest selection of CBD and hemp products in any event like it. The speakers will address a variety of health and wellness topics plus provide insights on business operations and green science. Attendees will have the opportunity to sample and buy a wide array of products for personal use in one of the nation’s fully legalized cannabis states.

Underscoring that emerging technologies should be developed according to the precautionary approach, the CBD ALLIANCE emphasized the need for goals to include technology horizon scanning, assessment, and monitoring. IUCN suggested mentioning existing partnerships, including the Panorama – Solutions for a Healthy Planet initiative, the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in European Overseas Territories , and the Biodiversity and Protected Areas Management Programme. The UN DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME highlighted the Biodiversity Finance Initiative and work towards establishing the Taskforce of Nature-related Financial Disclosure . CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY underscored that the root causes of the biodiversity crisis lie on our current economic and financial systems, calling for stability of funding and prioritization of human well-being.

Increasingly, people realise that the TRIPS Agreement blatantly contradicts the CBD. TRIPS is a totally inappropriate vehicle for legislating new rights to biodiversity. The option for countries to develop a sui generis system of rights over these resources, within the TRIPS framework, is also increasingly viewed as a trap. • Establishes access to the biological resources of developing countries on a quid pro quo basis with technology transfer from the industrialised countries (Art. 16). • Appropriate technology is to be transferred to developing countries for the purposes of biodiversity conservation.

To determine whether the free movement of goods is applicable to CBD, it must be first clarified whether CBD is a narcotic. The aim of the treaty, clearly stated in the preamble of the UN Single Convention, is to protect ‘the health and welfare of mankind’. The CBD WOMEN’S CAUCUS supported establishing a global multilateral benefit-sharing mechanism for cases not covered by the Protocol’s bilateral approach, stressing the rights of IPLCs, women, and youth.

In addition to the CBD, biodiversity is addressed in the context of SDG 15 at the High Level Political Forum. Good sources of information include the CBD secretariat, which is the official home of the convention. A big challenge for journalists reporting on biodiversity is to make it relevant to their audiences.

Finally, the inscription of a site on the World Heritage List brings an increase in public awareness of the site and of its outstanding values, thus also increasing the tourist activities at the site. When these are well planned for and organized respecting sustainable tourism principles, they can bring important funds to the site and to the local economy. Today, the World Heritage concept is so well understood that sites on the List are a magnet for international cooperation and may thus receive financial assistance for heritage conservation projects from a variety of sources. The overarching benefit of ratifying the World Heritage Convention is that of belonging to an international community of appreciation and concern for universally significant properties that embody a world of outstanding examples of cultural diversity and natural wealth.

As with all products containing cannabis, the US Federal Government classifies CBD products other than Epidiolex as Schedule I substances. According to the Second Enforcement Administration, they are in the same group as heroin. Cannabis remains illegal under U.S. federal law even in states that have legalised cannabis for medical or recreational purposes. Such elegantly packaged CBD products with increased prices refer to conscious consumer trends.

CannMed is one of the leading events that displays and promotes the supremely substantial minds in the field of cannabis science, medicine, health industry, agriculture, cultivation, and care. CannMed came into existence so that it can endorse the diversified knowledge on cannabis’s intricate science and also about its therapeuticassistances for patients in necessity. Since the time it came into existence, cannabis manufacturing leaders have selected CannMed to declare their newest conclusions and showcase revolutionary technologies to the entire world. The Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition is one of the most exclusive accredited business cannabis trade shows 2022 program for the industry that deals with cannabis legally. If you’ve got a CBD business, you know the importance of presenting your business at conventions. The importance of attending conventions can’t be emphasized enough as they can help you get the word out about your products while helping you network and learn more about your industry so that you can take your business to the next level.

To consider, at its 32nd session in 2008, the establishment of a working group to study the implementation of the strategic objectives. Consequently, UNESCO initiated, with the help of the International Council on Monuments and Sites , the preparation of a draft convention on the protection of cultural heritage. The World Heritage Committee adds a fifth ‘C’ – Community – to its Strategic Objectives, highlighting the important role of local communities in preserving World Heritage. The Committee adopts the Global Strategy for a Balanced, Representative and Credible World Heritage List, aimed at addressing the imbalances on the List between regions of the world, and the types of monuments and periods represented.

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ARGENTINA said capacity-building activities should be based on national priorities. The EU recognized their importance in supporting national implementation and called for “some room for flexibility” on their content and modalities. ASIA-PACIFIC stressed the different processes, budgetary cycles, and dynamics at the national level, cautioning against a “one-size-fits-all” approach. MOROCCO stressed the need for technical assistance and capacity building for their development. The UK suggested the GBF target on resource mobilization reflect the approach of the panel of experts.

A variety of products will be on offer, such as grow lights, hemp products, inventory tracking, paraphernalia, tinctures, topicals and vaporizers. Here, you’ll be fed with a healthy dose of knowledge about the science that goes into the production of topical CBD solutions. Since the non-psychoactive cannabinoid is becoming an extremely popular ingredient in topical CBD products, thousands of people are anticipated to cluster inside the convention center for this CBD conference. Based on data pulled from Marketing CBD Chocolate Chartsin 2015, conferences and trade shows are one of the top three sources that buyers seek out when they are researching a vendor’s services and products. An event of this kind will likely feature demonstrations of soon-to-be launched product lines, meaning that you’ll be one of the first people to see or try them. Arthur Hoffmann, Partner, Litigation, Arbitration and Investigationsfocuses on complex product liability litigation and the provision of product liability advice, both internationally and in the US.

Within the cannabis world, although spending on cannabis products steadily increased, industry events suffered dramatically… Since legalizing medical marijuana in 2018, the state of Oklahoma has become ground zero of the national green rush. Those who are hoping to start a cannabis business in Oklahoma City have a much… Those concerns ignited a series of meetings among environmental groups and UN officials, in the ’80s and early ’90s, that laid the groundwork for how long do cbd edibles take to work reddit a treaty to protect biodiversity. US diplomats were very much involved in these discussions, said William Snape III, an environmental lawyer and an assistant dean at American University and senior counsel at the Center for Biological Diversity, an advocacy group. Brought to you by and the folks who curated theOregon Hemp Convention /Texas Hemp Convention, KushCon builds on the success of past events and welcomes new partners and industries into the venue.

A novelty of the negotiation process was the inclusion of non-governmental organization representatives in national negotiation teams, in particular on the North American and European teams. In addition, NGOs were allowed to be present at the Working Group and Plenary meetings. This can be seen as recognition of the expertise in environment and development issues that rests with certain specialized NGOs. Access to biological resources requires the prior informed consent of the country of origin. Patents must be provided for all fields of technology, therefore the use or exploitation of biological resources must be protected by IPR. There is no mechanism for sharing benefits between a patent holder in one country and the donor of material in another country from which the invention is derived.

CANADA noted Article 20 contains no reference to the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities. COLOMBIA called for effective and transparent synergies between climate and biodiversity finance. ECUADOR called for better cooperation between the GEF and the Green Climate Fund. MOROCCO and SOUTH AFRICA highlighted inadequacies in implementation, including limited development of national biosafety frameworks due to insufficient human and financial resources, and infrastructure. MOROCCO noted the inclusion of a biosafety target in the GBF will provide significant leverage to continue mainstreaming biosafety in NBSAPs. MOROCCO, supported by many, stressed the ongoing need to strengthen parties’ capacity to implement the Protocol, including through dedicated Global Environment Facility funding.

Don’t let sore feet keep you from seeing all the headlining speakers or cool presentations in the evenings. The GOP’s attacks on Ketanji Brown Jackson are nasty even by Republican standards Republicans turned the hearing into a blizzard of misleading attacks, many of which seem designed to appeal to QAnon supporters. While the US is itself guilty of harming native populations for the sake of protecting wildlife , the country is trying to turn a new leaf on conservation, under the direction of Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, who is a member of the Laguna Pueblo. In its new 30 by 30 initiative, Interior vowed to do right by tribal organizations. In a promising step, the bipartisan Senate Foreign Relations Committee overwhelmingly recommended that the Senate ratify the treaty, making it seem all but certain to pass. At that point, the biotech industry had also thrown its support behind the agreement, Blomquist wrote.

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