Why Black Color Is the First Choice For High End Professional Sports Logos?

Since past two decades, tremendous amount of branding elements have emerged out of which some are working very fine while some are not. Branding is not limited to corporate only, it’s a phenomena that has expanded its roots to every business field whether it’s cosmetic products, beauty parlor, accounting firm etc.

One of the most lucrative branding elements best 3 star ping pong balls that I have found very useful is a logo design which works very fine for every kind of business. Same is the case with the field of sports.

Classic sports logos design are working very fine for different sports team, academies, manufacturers etc. Here in this article we will be discussing why some of the top brands have used black color in their brand mark identities.

Why black is hot favorite of graphic designers?

Black is decent, sophisticated, classy and stylish. That is none of the qualities that any sports game posses but still some of the top brands like Zoot, Xcel, Wilson, and Under Armor etc. have used this decent color in their corporate identity.

There is altogether a different approach when we talk about colors usage in logo designs. For a professional graphic designer, colors are the best way to impart a message below the threshold of conscious perception. In other words, it helps in injecting a subliminal message on the minds of the viewers. Therefore, each color has its own meaning which is selected for a brand mark after a careful examination of the business nature so that the right message is conveyed to the target audience.


Corporate culture:

Every company owner wants to show how professional he is in this arena of business. Here, black depicts their standing in a corporate culture which is attained after years and years of experience. Hence, the brands we discussed above shows how professional they are and how they have achieve a unique position in the sports business.


Every business owner when dealing with clients shows off his power and authority. You must have heard people saying, we are the best in this business and no one knows better than us etc. This is what we call as power exhibition through words. Hence, black in a corporate identity shows off the power silently to the world.


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